With Blessing Comes Responsibility

It is time for us to ENGAGE the culture In Jesus Name!

I'm enjoying the Tim Tebow conversations.  Tim is fully ENGAGED in giving glory to Jesus!  It's obvious that he is bringing a competitive advantage to his Denver Broncos football team. Commentators and fans alike don't fully understand it, but can't help like his attitude, authenticity, and results.

Jake Plummer, a former Bronco quarterback, complimented Tim today on being a winner!  He stated that he would like him even more if he wasn't constantly talking about Jesus Christ... just focus and play football!?

Tim graciously responded by giving the example that you wouldn't tell your wife "I love you" only on your wedding day and then never say it again.  You would say it often... daily... intentionally making an investment to grow your love together.  Tim said that he has a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ and will glorify and honor and express his love every opportunity he gets.

1. In Jesus Name, ENGAGE by deciding to say something that needs to be said when it would be easier to say nothing.

2. In Jesus Name, ENGAGE by taking advantage of existing opportunities.

3. ENGAGE others by boldly creating new opportunities In Jesus Name.

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