WEEK 2: 40 Days in the Word

NORTHSHORE FAMILY.org 40 Days in the Word 01-08-12

MEMORY VERSE 2 “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. ~ Psalm 119:18


• Daily REVIEW the weekly memory verses

• Daily PRAY and JOURNAL…

    o Your thoughts by “picturing the scene” of the scripture.  This Bible Study technique works best when you’re reading a narrative passage, story, or parable.

             Try to picture the Biblical scene in your mind and imagine yourself in the story as an active participant.  Put yourself in each character’s shoes for a moment.

             “How would you feel if you were involved?”  “What would you say or do?”  “With whom in the story do you identify most right now?”  “What is God trying to say to me or want me to do?”

    o Your thoughts on your BE Framework… What words would you want describing your life for 2012?

• Daniel Plan Health Challenge www.danielplan.com login / record your numbers / watch the small group session 1

• EXTRA MILE: Read the Gospel of Mark chapters 1-7

DAY 8: SUNDAY, 01/08/12  Mark 1:40-45 Jesus heals the leper
DAY 9: MONDAY, 01/09/12  Mark 3:1-6  Jesus heals man w/ a shriveled hand
DAY 10: TUESDAY, 01/10/12  Mark 4:35-41 Jesus calms the storm
DAY 11: WEDNESDAY, 01/11/12  Mark 5:21-43 Jesus raises a dead girl and heals a sick woman
DAY 12: THURSDAY, 01/12/12  Mark 6:35-44 Jesus feeds the 5,000
DAY 13: FRIDAY, 01/13/12  Mark 6:45-51 Jesus walks on water
DAY 14: SATURDAY, 01/14/12  Mark 7:31-37  Jesus heals a deaf & mute man

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