Shelly's Adventures in Ghana

Shelly is on faith adventure in Ghana... here are some of her journals to me...

DECEMBER 1 ~ I came in Ghana in a sense to find myself, and find out who i am, and in return today i found something greater. I found God again. Today in the theature or operating room, i watched as several sergeries took place throughout the day. The first two were young boys and a prayer was said before each operation. I noticed i nice computer in the corner of the room but gave no more thought about it untill the second surgery, when a medical assistant came in and sat down at it. He put on some Ghanian/American christian music and soon the entire room was singing "this little light of mine" even the dr.'s doing the surgery sang. I realized today that nothing else matters in this life but God and being able to speak about him and minister to others about him, weather by kicking a ball around and walking around with some kids, or treating some very serious illnesses and being able to help medically. These people really live out the verse of "i know what it is to have pleanty and i know what it is to want" and they still smile up at you with a smile and praise God. Young kids here are tough, some go through so major operations and are given tylenol for the pain, yet when they see you walk by their bed they look up at you with a smile or a laugh. thanks for everyone's prayers and support! ~ Shelly

DECEMBER 8   ~ Hey can you pray for me, Had hard morning, on rounds this women had gone into labor, her chart had said she was 9months but by the look of it we knew she wasnt. During the exam she then told us she had been four months prgnant. The nurse on the ward had also told us that she had been there two months earlier due to an illegal abortion, in which she used herbs to abort the baby, But the girl said that afterwards she wanted the baby and hasnt done anything since. When delevering the baby we noticed sticks and herbs from previously which had come out with the baby. The baby was born alive but was only four months so we knew he wouldnt make it. The mom was sent back to the ward and the baby placed on a wooden table and after about ten minutes the dr said we had to go to the theature for proceudrues and that we would check up on what he refered to as "the fetus" in about thirty minutes to check for a heart beat. I dont understand how someone can still call a live baby a fetus! 4months old or nine months old its a baby. I went back about an hour later and the baby was still alive, he had been left alone to die, soon after i went back with dodo to check again and the baby was gone from the room. Dodo said "either the mother took it home or pointed to the bucket in the corner and said or its in there". I Cant make my self feel sympathy for the mother of this child even though i know she was very upset of the the death of her baby, I just feel angry toward her for stuffing sticks and herbs in herself to kill him. Same with the other mothers whom we have to preform D&C's on for incomplete abortions. I am starting to feel emotionally drained everyday by some of the patients i have seen, and by the women seeking help after an illegal abortion which results in incomplete abortions. Please pray for all the staff and dr's here, me, and the patients, Please keep me in your prayers for the next couple of weeks. ~ Shelly

DECEMBER 9 My first baby boy! YAY!!! i named him grass hopper because it was the first thing that came to mind and the mom doesnt name the baby for a week.

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1 Stacey - Sat, December 10, 2011 @ 8:34 PM

How wonderful!!! Shelly, this is so awesome!!!!! I love reading about what you have been doing!!! Praise the Lord!!!
2 Rebecca Abel - Sun, December 11, 2011 @ 12:52 AM

I am living vicariously through you, Shelly!! Sooo cool! Amazing how people who have "less" than most of us here actually seem to have more. Grasshopper is adorable!!

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