Maundy Thursday of Passion Week

[“Maundy” Thursday] Derived from the Latin word “mandatum”, meaning "commandment," Maundy refers to the commands Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper.

Mark 14:12-16

NOON... Jesus sends Peter and John to prepare...
• Carrying water was a woman’s job, so the man carrying water would be standing out on busy streets
• The Upper Room would have been owned by someone wealthy who would risk wealth, status, perhaps life itself, to host Jesus.

3PM ~ Peter and John would have taken a Passover lamb to the Temple for sacrifice... joining tens of thousands.
1. As the people sang psalms, the lamb’s throat would be slit; and a priest would catch the blood in a bowl and then pour it at the base of the altar table.  ~ Hebrews 9:22, without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins.
2. Another priest would butcher the lamb.  Peter and John would take the meat back to the Upper Room to roast the meat 3-4 hrs.
3. The Passover Seder commemorates God’s central saving act toward Israel as described in Exodus 3-13.
4. The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for 400 years when God reached down to deliver them.  They had no voice, no hope, and no relationship with God... but God heard their cries, chose to have a relationship with them, and set them free.
5. God brought a series of 10 plagues on Egypt before they released the Hebrews from their bondage and slavery.  The final plague, God would strike down the firstborn in every household and among every flock throughout Egypt.

On that night, the Israelites were to sacrifice a lamb to God.  They were to mark their doorposts with its blood.
1. As the Angel of Death would PASS OVER the homes marked by the blood of the lamb, thus sparing the firstborn in that home.
2. The lamb was then cooked and eaten, giving the Israelites one final meal in Egypt, before they were delivered.
3. Death did visit the land and Pharaoh finally relented.  He ordered the Israelites to leave so quickly that there was no time to leaven their bread dough and allow it to rise.
4. Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread was a reminder celebration of their deliverance from slavery to freedom.

Mark 14:17-21
1. The reason Judas betrays Jesus is because he`s exasperated that Jesus seems more concerned about saving souls than about starting a revolution.  Since Jesus doesn`t follow the script, Judas turns his back on Him and cashes in while he can!
2. We get disappointed because God doesn`t do what WE want.
3. Jesus might as well have said, “All of you will betray Me!”
4. Think of all the ways that human beings fail God... we betray Him like Judas or we deny Him like Peter or we desert Him out of fear like the rest of the disciples.
5. Jesus knew what was coming, but it never changed the strength or focus of His love.  No one would blame Him for giving up!  No one deserved another second chance!
6. All the while, Jesus keeps pursuing us and chasing us, and as much as we run away from Him, He never gives up on us.
7. Who held the seat of honor at the Last Supper?  Judas!
8. What does Jesus BEFORE the Last Supper? washing disciples` feet.
9. Maundy Thursday is about how Jesus loves us in spite of our dirty feet, in spite of our failures, fears, and weaknesses. It`s about how He cleans us up and makes us whole.
10. Jesus looked past their betrayal, their sins, and their failures and called them His friends.

Mark 14:22-25
1. Jesus changed everything.  The Israelites had become a covenant people by the blood of animals; The Last Supper was the establishment of a new covenant by the blood of Jesus as God’s liberation of all humankind from slavery to sin and death.
2. Jesus invited all humankind to become God’s covenant people.
3. The Lord’s Supper is meant to be a perpetual reminder of God’s love, His grace, and the sacrifice of His Son.
4. Most do not choose to embrace the identity and freedom available through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but instead focus on creating and defending their own identity.
5. They are always reacting to the events or words that haunt their memories and exhaust themselves trying to control everything.

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