Love Bank

Psychologist Dr. Willard Harley, Jr. developed a framework called the “LOVE BANK” to explain our climate’s changing nature. We have a LOVE BANK inside each one of us. Every person we know has an account in our LOVE BANK that keeps an emotional record of how each person treats us.

If a person makes us feel good, “love units” are deposited into the person’s account. However, if that person makes us feel bad, our emotions withdraw love units from their account. The number of units depends on how good or bad we feel.

Our emotional reactions toward other people correlate with the balances in our LOVE BANK.

Every time we interact there are deposits or withdraws that impact the emotional climate in the relationships.

Jesus understood how every encounter shifts the balance of your climate... so He always would leave it better than He found it.

The challenge this week is Add Value by Curfew!  Since each encounter has a very limited time transaction or "curfew"... (even if it is just a glance), let's be intentional about adding value in those moments for God's glory.

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