Local Missions ~ Hands on Christmas Cheer

One of our greatest gifts is giving our time.  Wednesday, 12/19/12, we will meet at the Carriage Inn (on Northshore Blvd... right in front of the country club) to interact with residents to spread some Christmas cheer!

Meet at Carriage Inn 5:30pm-7pm ~ Wear a cheerful Santa hat or something like it!

Afterward, brings $$ to meet at McAllister's Deli up the street for some tea and snacks

We will carry on the traditions of Grandma Bundick (Stacey's Grandmother) by giving out love gifts of socks an candy canes... something to keep you warm and something to keep you sweet!

We hope to engage in conversations... asking about earliest Christmas memories, favorite Christmas traditions, and all about their family.  If we can get them to share pictures... BONUS! 

It's a wonderful way to be an encourager and remind people that God knows exactly where you are and exactly what is going on and LOVES you.

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East Cliff Elementary 
(right behind Wal-Mart & Academy)
1140 Broadway Blvd in Portland

(look for checkered flags) 
COME meet the FAMILY!