How to determine the TRUTH

There is only One Source that can meet all three standards of TRUTH.

Test yourself to see if you are putting on the belt of truth...

1.  OBJECTIVE - not based on feelings, emotions, or opinion... exist independently of individual thought or opinion

·      Deuteronomy 32:4

·      Psalms 18:30-31

TRUE or FALSE: What is right for one person in a given situation might not be right foranother person who encounters the same situation? [FALSE... not objective]

2.     UNIVERSAL – the same here and everywhere else in the world... applies to all people in all places

·      Psalms 97:5

·      Psalms 103:19

TRUE or FALSE: When it comes to matters of morals and ethics, truth means different things to different people; no one can be sure that they have the truth? [FALSE... not universal]

3.     CONSTANT - does not change with time...  same from generation to generation...

·      Isaiah 40:28

·      Ecclesiastes 3:14

TRUE or FALSE:  Nothing can be known for sure except the things you experience in your life?  [FALSE... not constant]

There are basic elements of truth that can always be counted on no matter what I feel, no matter where I am, and no matter what my age... and God has revealed these truths in His Word.

Truth at its core is God’s view of a matter.

Only the Creator of truth Himself can define truth because He is the only one who knows and understands all truth.

When you wear the belt of truth and operate with it by aligning your mind, will, and emotions underneath God’s view on a matter (His Truth) He will empower you to fight your spiritual battles with the freedom of greater mobility and increased stability.

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