Good Friday

Good Friday

It's FRIDAY! But Sunday's Comin!

It’s FRIDAY, Jesus is praying… Peter is sleeping… Judas is betraying, but SUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, Pilate’s struggling…the council is conspiring… the crowd is vilifying… they don’t even know that SUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, the disciples are running like a sheep without a shepherd… Mary’s crying… Peter is denying… but they don’t know that SUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, the Roman’s beat my Jesus…the roll Him with scars… the crown Him with thorns… but they don’t know that SUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, see Jesus walking to Calvary…His blood dripping…His body stumbling…and His Spirit burdened…but you see, it’s only FRIDAY and SUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, the world is winning…people are sinning… and evil is grinning.

It’s FRIDAY, the soldiers nail my Savior’s hands to the cross… they nail my Savior’s feet to the cross… and then they raise Him up next to criminals.  It’s FRIDAY, but let me tell you, SUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, the disciple’s are questioning, “what has happened to their King?”… and the Pharisees are celebrating that their scheming has been achieved, but they don’t know it’s only FRIDAYSUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, He’s hanging on the cross… feeling forsaken by His Father… left alone and dying… Can nobody save Him?  OOOH!  It’s FRIDAY, but SUNDAY’S COMIN!

It’s FRIDAY, the earth trembles… they sky grows dark… my King yields His Spirit.

It’s FRIDAY, hope is lost… death has won… sin has conquered… and Satan just a laughing.

It’s FRIDAY, Jesus is buried… a soldier stands guard… and a rock is rolled into place… but it’s FRIDAY… It is ONLY FRIDAYSUNDAY IS COMIN!!!

* used from a sermon by Marshall L. Shepard, Sr., pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in West Philadelphia

On Friday, Jesus Christ was betrayed, abandoned by friends, falsely arrested, unjustly accused, tried under the dark of night, beaten, mocked, bruised, sentenced to death, flogged, crowned with thorns, paraded through town, and impaled on a cross... "when His blood ran red, then my sin washed white!"...then Jesus gave Himself over to the ultimate sacrifice of death... all so that we might know life!

It is GOOD FRIDAY not because of what happened but because Jesus substituted His GOOD to pay the penalty we deserved in order that we might be reconciled to God by faith through receiving His gracious gift from the cross.

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