Bloom Where Planted

Get your serve on and help us be
 a "planting of the Lord to display His splendor" ~ Isaiah 61:3

At NORTHSHORE FAMILY, we are actively seeking and praying for "owners" to fill some important needs in the body.  (Matthew 9:37-38)

Our spiritual gifts have maximum impact when exercised together within our strategy.

Do you notice a need?  It probably is an invitation to help!


  • WEEKLY SUNDAY SETUP ~ Each week, we arrive at the school with a trailer full of resource tools at 7:30am to transform a school into a worship environment. It currently takes about 1.5 hrs to set up and adjust everything for the band to practice at 9am, and be ready for the worship service.  It is not just about setting things up; it is about praying for every person and every aspect of our time together that is the difference maker.  We need servants to commit to a month of setting up and praying... if you have a conflict with the commitment, then you please find the replacement.  Prayer starts at 8:45am.

  • HOST TEAM ~ There is a place for smiling door holders, breakfast volunteers, and behind the scenes clean up that blesses others by helping to create a welcoming atmosphere and refreshments for people as they enter.  We are responsible for all of the signs, atmosphere decorations, snacks, clean up, and returning everything to better than it was before we walked in the doors.  We also need someone with a great smile to be a door holder to greet people as they arrive for worship!  We need servants who can commit to a month for one of our host positions.  Praying for a Host Team Leader.

  • PRESCHOOL and NURSERY WORKERS on Sunday morning... if you would be available to shadow someone and then committing to serve as part of the team for a month, please contact us.  This is a critical need!  Praying for a Preschool Team Leader and a Nursery Team Leader.

  • NORTHSHORE_KIDS ~ We need volunteers that are willing to invest in the next generation by assisting our lead teachers in carrying out our LUKE 2:52 prayer.  After we have a time of music worship as a family, then elementary age and younger dismiss next door to a targeted time for the kids.  By serving, you get to point kids to Jesus and allow parents to do the same... both in their own environment.  Join the team creating a fun, safe, caring environment for our elementary age, preschool, and babies to experience the love of Jesus!

  • MEDIA - We have a team of volunteers behind the scenes that help coordinate the sound, lights, and media as worship unto the LORD.  Praying for Media Team Leader.

  • ONLINE - There are amazing opportunities for conversations about the Gospel story through the web and social media.  Praying for Online Team Leader.

  • WORSHIP BAND ~ If you play an instrument or sing, contact Josh Abel for more details when the next auditions will be held.

  • SMALL GROUP LEADERS ~ Potential leaders shadow existing leaders and then are added to the weekly list of email trainings preparing you to minister on Sunday.

  • CLEAN UP ~ At the conclusion of the service, we are constantly reminded to be intentional about going out on mission because we are a mobile church!  By taking the time to help put up chairs, pack up, and load the trailer, we get a taste of what Jesus said, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” ~ Matthew 8:20  It is our privilege to serve Him on mission in a school.  We also get to invest in the lives of the custodial staff sent to take care of us by having conversations, cleaning up with excellence, and helping them clean & return all tables before we exit the building.  We need specific captains for the chairs, host table, stage, screen children's area, cords, taking loaded carts to the trailer, and loading the trailer.  This is a great time of fellowship and ministry!

  • YOUTH ~ Mid-week, the students gather for a discipleship time targeted especially for the next generation!  Group leaders give their time to mentor students to the next steps spiritually.


  • Blooming where we are Planted - ongoing ministry to our G-P Intermediate Campus teachers and staff.
  • Praying for a Missions Team Leader 


  • Staurolite Foundation ~ Wounded warriors outreach
  • Border missions partnership development with Mark and Marilyn Redwine ~ Planning stages for a trip to address construction needs and outreach for community colonia house churches.


  • Starfish Foundation ~ supporting the teachers and families of New Hope School in New Town section, Kolkata, India
  • Pastor Rudra Singh ~ New Hope Church in Kolkata, India  ~ They currently only have a temporary place to meet for their house church.
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