Easter Holidays or Holy Days

After sharing my fear of disconnecting with the real meaning of Easter, it was fueled again by a recent USA Today article by Cathy Lynn Grossman called, “Are relationships the new religion.”

The article quoted a "LifeWay Research Survey from March 13 that said, while 73% of Americans call themselves Christian, only 41% say they plan to attend Easter worship services."

  • I researched and applied those statistics to our area...
  • Approximately 38,000 North of the Harbor bridge (Portland, Gregory, Ingleside, Taft, Aransas)
  • Therefore ~ 28,000 identify as Christian / 16,000 plan on an Easter worship service
  • *With additional research, actual attendance numbers reflected more of a 20% response... which would be about 8,000 people in our area North of the bridge in Easter worship
  • Approximately 350,000 in the Coastal Bend including Corpus Christi
  • Therefore ~ 255,500 identify as Christian / 143,500 plan on an Easter worship service / *with the additional research number of 20% reflecting just 70,000 people in the Coastal Bend planning on an Easter worship service.

The article continues...  In the gap between faith and practice are millions of people who will delight in Easter and Passover as "holidays," not "holy days.  They're just as Christian, just as Jewish, in their own eyes as people who follow traditional scripts... They've simply redefined their spirituality to center on the people at the table — shared time, shared values with their nearest-and-dearest."

This mindset reinforces my zeal to have a clear understanding of Why Easter Matters!  Easter is more than a holiday!  When you connect the dots of Why Easter Matters, it will begin to impact everything of your today and give you the right perspective about tomorrow. 

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