• God Time

    Our GOD TIME recalibrates the way we think with the TRUTH.

    Let's read through the Book of Acts together!

    Read a chapter a day and use the S.O.A.P. method of Bible study.
    (if you miss any, just start on the current day!)

    S - for Scripture (already given you the place to spend your God Time)

    We begin 01/05/14 with Acts 1.  Just to keep us on the same page,
    here are the chapter markers for our reading along the way...
    01/12/14 - Acts 8
    >  01/19/14 ~ Acts 15
    >> 01/26/14 ~ Acts 22
    >>>001/31/14 ~ Acts28

    O - is for Observation (as you read the daily God Time chapter,
     underline everything that resonates with you

    A - is for Application (pick one verse you underline and think how you can apply it to your life.)

    P - is for Prayer (use the verse you want to apply as the basis for time in prayer)

    GOD TIME devotionals for the kids are located on our Northshore Kid's page!

  • H.E.B. Feast of Sharing

    It's time once again for the annual community mission outreach... HEB Feast of Sharing event on December 24th!

    There are several ways to help...

    1) Call to sign up for delivering homebound meals... 361-826-3150.  Leave your name and number, but be persistent about them calling you back to confirm.  Then on the 24th you go to the American Bank Center with an ice chest to pick up your meals and the addresses to deliver them.

    2) There is a free meal served at the American Bank Center on the 24th... They need lots of volunteers to serve.  They utilize an online registration system called the Coastal Bend Volunteer Connection - where volunteers can intersect with opportunities to serve in our community.  www.cbvc.org  You can register for any of the remaining Feast of Sharing roles and responsibilities as an individual or as a team.

  • Supernatural Love

    Supernatural LOVE transforms hearts beyond the season!

    Only Christ can fill hearts to overflow and produce supernatural love.

    Romans 12:9-16 Supernatural love is pure, warm, motivational, tenacious, generous, grace full, sympathetic, humble

    Understanding how God wired your heart to receive and share love can revolutionize how He uses you to spread supernatural love.

    Gary Chapman ~ 5 Love Languages

  • Beautiful Life Change Stories

    One of the highlights of my life is being apart of Christ transformation life change stories!  We were privileged to see and hear things only God could do as we celebrated Sara Perez and Sherry Moody being baptized.

    Sara has been taking lots of steps by faith... choosing to be intentional about growing closer in a relationship with the LORD... choosing to get married and follow God's direction for her family... and celebrating with us the grace she knows through public baptism.  The trials have been many... and difficult... but she pleaded with God to take control and she would just take the next right step!  I can still hear her say, "I'm ready!  I'm ready!"  Her husband and kids were so proud!

    Sherry was surprised at how quickly she and her son found their place at Northshore Family.  Hearing her story, God has been drawing her unto Himself.  She wanted to be baptized as a symbol of the inward change and represent her personal commitment to grow closer to God.  After talking with me about what it means to be baptized, she was forced to answer the "why" questions all afternoon from her mom and sister.  Guess who came to see her and celebrate the faith that she knows in Christ!

    After they were baptized, we prayed over them as a church family... so beautiful to see our children rush to the edge of the pool to pray!  After moments of silent prayer, Acts 4:13 was declared over them... "Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus."  Bless the Lord!

    Thank you church family for your investment in these ladies and their families.  I can't wait to see what God continues to do in their lives, their families, their areas of influence, and the generational impact of knowing Jesus Christ!

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